Rage Against the Machine (RATM) UK Christmas Number 1 is exposed as a viral scam


I have to put this first as it’s the most important part of the story. I was convinced that I had found something that proved a conspiracy was afoot with Sony funding the viral campaign to get RATM to the coveted UK Christmas number one position.

But I was wrong.

It was never my intention to cause offence to Jon, Tracy and their family, it was to uncover a story that I thought was very interesting.

So I want to say sorry to Tracy and Jon Morter unreservedly.

I saw the response below here from Tracy and it got me (very) worried that my facts may be a bit out of line, so I mailed her and asked her to give me a call, which she did. We have just had a good chat with her kids running around in he background shouting for their tea.

The first response from Tracy Morter

Which she followed up a few minutes later with this

The second response from Tracy Morter that got me really worried

I offered to remove the entire post, but Tracy asked that I leave most of it in place as others will surely uncover the same series of coincidences and we agreed that this was a better plan to put my apology and her answers first.

Tracy assures me that all those coincidences are just that, coincidences.

They picked that song because it had rude words in it and they thought it would be funny on the Christmas Top of the Pops. I agree.

The Essex sites were done as a ‘swap’ to allow Jon to hold the real ‘World Cup’ and they didn’t even get paid for it.

The sites that link to the song on play.com are not connected to them and they are not earning commission from them.

They didn’t announce that they would be working to get Three Lions to number one for the World Cup. They refused an interview with the Evening Standard and the newspaper sort of made the potential connections themselves.

Tracy herself acknowledges that the coincidences are painting a picture against them, but they are just that. Coincidences.

Incidentally, Simon Cowell hasn’t been in touch and they haven’t been offered a job by his company.

And they’re not planning to run a similar campaign next year.

I’ve tried to be as open as possible here and published all the responses apart from the ones that are just offensive to the Morters or myself and don’t make any relevant points.

The story itself

Okay, I appreciate this isn’t going to be a very popular blogpost with some, but I said I was going to use this platform for my thoughts and these are my personal thoughts..

We’ve been talking about this a lot in the office and are now completely convinced that the RATM is no viral backlash, it’s a very clever piece of viral placement that is funded by Sony themselves.

So lets look at the evidence.

1. Simon Cowell wins both ways up, he is a director of Sony BMG who look after RATM. He has been since 2005 according to Wikipedia.

Rage Against the Machine’s album is on Epic Records. This single Cowell released on his own label is actually owned by Sony Music UK. Like Sony Music UK, Epic Records is owned by Sony Music Entertainment.

2. The strategy he employed is the same as that he used within the X Factor format itself. He is a bright fella and knows that the UK public either love him or hate him. He is the archetypal Mr Nasty – A pantomime baddy of the modern age. So, when he says he hates Jedward (and who could blame him for that) the whole of the voting public come out in their defence and vote for them to stay in the show. This has the effect of pushing the viewing figures to the highest they have ever been.

3. The guys behind the Facebook campaign don’t appear to have other jobs. Jon Morter has a linkedIn page that just lists him as professional. Perhaps he is a professional viral marketer?

4. There are press releases that have been placed on PR Log that have been written by an unnamed third party, but link back to a French Concierge Service that has in itself got links through to the UK music industry. I’m not sure this is a coincidence.

5. All the money is being given away to Shelter. Again, maybe I’m being overly cynical but I don’t believe that RATM have made Soooo much cash from their music that they can afford to ignore a casual £1/4 m of unexpected income? It sounds a bit premeditated to ward off the bad press in case they got caught. Which they have been.

6. The campaign’s Facebook page went down on December 13th. How convenient, just as the big push for sales was about to start that they should be front page news. They made it look like the establishment was even trying to take down two little individuals’ campaign to stop Simon Cowell dominating the charts, when all they were doing was actually helping him.

It’s just all a bit too convenient isn’t it?

7. Sony Have a track record of Viral deceit
In 2006, they placed stories as real customer feedback using an agency called Zipatoni and got caught. Again, I would say they are on the verge of being fully exposed again

8. RATM aren’t really anti establishment anymore. They are the establishment, they just swear for a living now. How is that anti? If all they do is the same stuff over and over again, are they continuing to actually rage against the machine or just capitalise on others desire to be seen doing so.

9. The Couple Who ran the campaign are called Jon and Tracy Morter. They ran a campaign last year to get Rick Astley to Christmas Number One against the X Factor Single. And yes, guess what record label our friend Rick is on? yes, Sony BMG.

10. They also announced yesterday that they were going to try and get the song Three Lions to be the Number one for the World Cup. This was written by The Lightning Seeds and featured Frank Skinner and David Baddiel. Guess what label they are on? Yes, it’s Epic, owned by Sony BMG again.

11. And perhaps the most damning evidence of all – from some great detective work by Hannah Pearce

Iris digital are on record as working on a project called Kiss The Cup (KTC). They have a facebook group for it, Which you can see here. And they have another one here. By some strange quirk of fate, the two administrators behind these sites are Jon and Tracey Morter.

Iris Digital are a part of Iris Group – an integrated services agency – and guess what they specialise in digital communications and campaigns. AND Sony is one of their biggest clients!

So that’s it. I know it’s not conclusive, but I’m convinced that this is a scam that is going to be exposed some time soon, as soon as someone can find who was really paying the bills behind the whole campaign.

What does this mean for the brand of Sony?

I would say that it will be in a little trouble if they get found out for this, but it shows the power of very cleverly manipulated social media and viral marketing campaigns and it also still shows that people do want to fight back against the dominance of this crap TV and crap music that is being produced by Simon Cowell and his pals.

You may also like to read Jane Love at Purple Circle’s take on it here.

73 thoughts on “Rage Against the Machine (RATM) UK Christmas Number 1 is exposed as a viral scam

  1. Fair points – but there’s absolutely no way RAGE would knowingly be a part of that, goes against what every member of the band stands for.

    As for rage being establishment, whaa!? You dont just completely change your morals as time passes. Just listen to Zack or Tom speak about what thy believe in/stand for and you’ll know what kind of people they are.

  2. You could do with doing a bit more research. Jon morter is no guerilla marketer for Sony, although he does have a track record for starting online campaigns. I don’t know where you get this million-pound windfall figure from either. At an average price of 50p, 500k single sales and the huge cuts taken by online music retailers, I would say ratm barely get enough to cover the cost of their flights to the uk. And they donated that to shelter anyway. The idea of a conspiracy is so ridiculous I can’t even be bothered refuting it any more.

  3. The X-Factor pantomime was fun while it lasted, we placed our bets and both acts clearly won as the (Sony) campaign went viral. The sense of outrage from some quarters seems odd, given that the music industry isn’t exactly known for its altruism.

  4. John, I am with you – and said so in my blog on 11 December ( http://wp.me/pDIpG-82 ) I think the whole thing is cynical. It was interesting that on itunes you could only buy the DRM free copy of RATM – costing 99p – not the usual 79p. But in spite of all this, in some ways I quite like the idea of stopping the X-Factor crap getting to No.1 ‘automatically’ . It was odd that Simon Cowell called the mobile of Jon Morter – did he have it on speed dial? Perhaps Sony should make a massive donation – in the spirit of goodwill in the season of Jolly….

      1. We had to flee from there in a hurry – all because of you and your bloody Cheers Bar – remember most airports are shut so you can’t escape the Rage…TG

  5. Amazing, isn’t it, how much this stuff has riled up the public. No one loves a showdown over religion, politics or music more than a conspiracy theory.

    And here we have both!

    I think it’s pretty much obvious to any thinking, questioning person that this isn’t what it’s being made out to be. Now, let the arguments over the how, the why, the who and the where commence!

    Whether this the the work of Sony alone, one of their agencies or a collaboration between both, it’s bloody ruddy brilliant and I admire their balls. I can’t wait to care less about the next one. Bring it on!

  6. What a joke.

    500,000 sales, each costing between 29p and 99p – many even free (through the nokia thing).

    So it can’t make much more than £250,000. After all the tax, royalties etc, it will be a lot less – so little that it hasn’t made anyone much money, let alone Sony or Cowell.


    1. I didn’t say it would make more than £1/4 million did I?

      My problem is with the manipulation behind it all ad the fact that those who thought they were actually raging against the machine were actually being told what to do by the very same machine!

    2. My take on it is that for Simon Cowell, it’s less about the money now and more about the continued brand success of X Factor in future years. If Joe McWhattshisname had gone straight to number 1, no one would be talking about it now, or if they were they would just be moaning about the fact it was a foregone conclusion and the general malaise about X-Factor would now set in further.
      Now that RATM are number 1 and X-Factor is no longer a dead cert for the Christmas No,1, more teenagers are more likely to work harder for their pop idol (oh that was a different programme wasn’t it) in 2010 and there might be more anticipation and hype around the whole programme and Christmas No1 chart. Does it count as ‘brand reinvigoration’? In fact if we’re talking conspiracy theories, is there any signs that the BBC were in on it – I bet Radio 1’s listenership was up last Sunday too!??

  7. Simon Cowell is A&R of SyCo which is part of (Sony). RATM are signed under Epic records(Sony).

    Sony make PS3………doesn’t mean Cowell is going to make money from the sales of PS3’s does it?

    Good detective skills batman

    1. plonka! Sony Music and Sony electronics are very different. They are both owned by Siny inc.

      While Mr cowell makes nothing from PS3s he does stan to make a lot of trickle down from RATM sales. Simple!

  8. I now have a full time team of detectives working on this and Keane Beamish has just uncovered the song lyrics for another RATM song.

    The song is entitled ‘no shelter’

    With the following lyrics!

    Empty ya pockets son, they got you thinkin that
    What ya need is what they sellin
    Make you think that buyin is rebellin’


  9. 1) Cowell is not a director of Sony BMG. He’s a director of Syco, which is a subsidiary.

    2) Yes, he’s clever. This isn’t evidence though.

    3) Jon is a DJ in his part time and obviously an enthusiastic user of social media. Your only basis for concluding he’s a professional viral marketer is that you don’t know what he does for a living. Hardly bulletproof. I’ve read he works in logistics from someone that actually knows him.

    4) Interesting, but no links to Morter.

    5) You must be kidding. RATM certainly do not need the money. They are a very successful outfit in their own right.

    6) The admin posts on the Facebook group were very clear that there were technical issues with Facebook due to the volume of wall posts. It was never made to look like a conspiracy.

    7) Yes they do. They’ve also a track record of getting caught. If they were involved, there would be much more compelling evidence if you ask me.

    8) The band understand that their song was merely the vehicle by which people opted to do this with. They didn’t get involved with it until it was well under way. There is no evidence to suggest they would undermine their fanbase (who won’t forget them in three weeks) by instigating a hail mary type stunt like this.

    9) That’s an interesting co-incidence! But Rick Rolling is a meme and as such, a suitable vehichle for a similar stunt.

    10) They did not announce this, the Metro got the wrong end of the stick. That’s the only place it’s been mentioned.

    11) Your smoking gun is very tenuous. The Morter’s live in Essex and Jon is a part time DJ. He does a club night and uses the Essex FB group to promote it. Being a member of a group for the area you live in is hardly “evidence”. That there is a small, very contrived link to another group through another two companies to Sony is not the most compelling evidence in the world.

    It would be easier to consider the one or two interesting points you were making were they not surrounded by other daft assertions and inaccuracies. Then again, I’m sure you are enjoying the traffic.

  10. I think you have underestimated how much money Rage have made, The real profit making music is (was?) not singles, it’s in albums that last remain popular for a long time. Go into your local record shop they will have Rage Against the Machine albums there, most of which have been selling steadily for over a decade.

    Their debut album is “triple platinum” which means they’ve sold over 3 million copies of it. Evil Empire is also triple platinum, Battle of Los Angeles is double platinum and renagades went platinum after a month. That’s over 9 million albums sold, not to count their single, videos and other merchandise.

    1. And the vast majority of people behind this campaign will likely not go on to buy Rage albums. There will be a positive benefit for Rage for sure but in the greater scheme of things not all that much.

      If a conspiracy theory is to hold water, there has to be a reasonable motive for putting this in action and I’ve not seen one yet that holds water. Combine that with the fact that as of last week, no music industry types gave this a cat-in-hells chance of happening and even last Saturday, it was assumed the X-Factor would win. It was originally a 100-1 shot at the bookies for a reason.

  11. This has to be the most dumbest conspiracy theory I have EVER read. Agree with what ‘deftangel’ has said. Just like to add – Tom Morello is a world renowned activist and a Grammy Award winning Musician, go read his wiki page… He doesn’t need the money at all and secondly he already said the band is giving profits from the sale in the UK back to the UK people through charities.

    Plus – if it’s a conspiracy theory then why would Cowell let a Rock band break 2 Chart records? They now have the to selling single in a weekly period and the first #1 from downloads only.

  12. I believe the RATM song suggested ‘not to do what you want me to do’ which to me meant ‘don’t buy either song’. I followed this guidance and bought nothing 😉

  13. Interesting, but I don’t think it matters. Who cares? I bought the RATM track (not to listen to) just because it was mildly amusing to prevent a singing puppet from being number one at Christmas, even though it doesn’t really matter. So, who really cares?

  14. What a fun blog post. I hope you have good lawyers

    The other point that you should add to your argument is that Calvin Harris, who invaded the stage while Jedward were playing is also a Sony artist.

  15. I am Tracy, I have no job because I have 3 children, I’m hoping to make a career of my hobby photography in the future! I am also a breastfeeding peer supporter in SWF.
    Jon works in logistics for hifi retailer who didn’t want to be named.
    Kiss The Cup was a competion in Lakeside, Thurrock, because Jon had the Essex group they asked him to mention. He was never paid for it, just got to see the world cup as a reward. As a football fan the opportunity to see the wolrd cup he couldn’t pass up.
    We haven’t made a single penny, in fact we are worse off the ratm4xmas campaign. My husband is having to do his day job too, I’ve not had time to sort christmas. He comes home stupidly late because of interviews etc.
    The group went down because it was busy, we had to let facebook know each time so they could manually restore it.

  16. Oh an the evening standard made up the world cup story because they never managed to interview us. We never said anything like that and have said we will never do this again.
    PRlog I’ve never heard of, they list ragefactor which is a website somebody who seems to be from sony set up after we made our group. We refused to link to it on the group.

  17. ‘if’ you’re the Clinical Research Manager a qucik google on you suggests then we’re in trouble. of course you might not be that person but then I could just make something up anyway

  18. 3. I don’t have my job listed on the internet either. Does that make me suspicious too? Maybe I’m actually a Sony viral marketer but didn’t know it! Awesome! 😀

    5. The band won’t get anywhere near a quarter of a million pounds. Possibly half that – and even that’s pushing it. Also, this whole point suggests that RATM were in on the campaign. Then you went on to say in one of your replies that, okay, they might not be in on it. Sort it out. Stop padding your argument with useless points.

    6. Facebook confirmed that the group was down due to immense traffic. Unless Facebook was in on it too…

    8. RATM aren’t really anti establishment anymore? Yes they are. If you’d done your research properly, you’d be able to find many instances within the past few years where the band have been vocally anti-establishment. If you’re too lazy, even a quick scan of wikipedia or a youtube search would help you.

  19. What a tool. I posted a discussion about the so called “links” to Sony using professional marketing groups and directly asked Jona and Tracy Morter if there were any truth to the so called conspiracy theories. Link here:

    Tracy was kind enough to reply and confirmed what has been mentioned here, she is a mum and spends far too much time online (her words!) and Jon does the logistics for an electrical retailer. Bang to rights it seems to me, they must be working for Sony.

    Way to go Morse, maybe you’ll come up with a conspiracy theory that Lee Harvey Oswald was just a patsie or man didn’t really walk on the moon.

    Or was it to get some more traffic to your tawdry little blog? Well done, bit of viral marketing of your own, your bosse will be pleased.

  20. Rage – RATM don’t have the first #1 from downloads alone – Coldplay was the first with Viva La Vida last year.

  21. Something that seems to be overlooked is the affiliate linking disguised on Jon Morters Facebook group home page in the info section. This was on both the main and the backup group info pages.

    Members were directed to buy from Play.com using the link http://bit.ly/ratm-play which forwarded to http://www.play.com/Music/MP3-Download-Track/4-/6773090/Killing-In-The-Name/Product.html?aid=6771851

    The affilite ID is at the end of the URL -> 6771851

    The stats for that url can be found here > http://bit.ly/?s=&keyword=&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.play.com%2FMusic%2FMP3-Download-Track%2F4-%2F6773090%2FKilling-In-The-Name%2FProduct.html%3Faid%3D6771851

    So thats over 100,00 Play customers who will earn Jon Morter commision for every purchase they make for the next 30 days as per Play.com’s affiliate program.

    Will Jon be giving his earnings to Shelter?

  22. Large amounts of Kudos for the follow up and updat.

    If only more people on the internet were prepared to revise their opinions and points of view when new information became available it’d be a much nicer place.

    Also, much thanks to Jon and Tracy for making me smile and convincing me to make a large charitable donation this Xmas.

  23. I don’t know what Tracy could possibly have said which made you change your mind. Most of what you said is cold hard fact. Have you discussed the play.com income with her (I rather suspect you did and settled on a percentage)

    It seems ludicrous to retract all this. I hate conspiracy theories but this one is obviously on the nail. They wouldn’t want you to take it down would they, that would look even worse than it already does.

    Why does Tracey take on the defenceless little lady tone in her replies. Doesn’t suit her.

    That unnamed electrical manufacturer, who could that be then? I don’t think large electrical manufactures and distributors are in the habit of using the job title Secret Viral Marketing Manager. Oh, I’ve just thought, with Sony shops Sony are now an electrical supplier/distributer as well as a manufacturer.

    This conspiracy theory holds so much water you could sink a battle ship in it!

    1. Tracy came across as a lovely and overall honest person, so I am very inclined to believe her. If it later transpires that is not the case, I will obviously have an even bigger story. At this point though, I believe her and am happy to believe that they are all coincidences. I did say to her that she could do with refuting the Play.com accusation directly as this is the one that is potentially pretty damning if it is true. Cheers. John

  24. I came on here to say kudos for the update following Tracey’s post and subsequent retractions. Then I find, another discussion about affiliate revenue.

    I appreciate the point was brought up by a commenter but why don’t we just drop it?

    Almost all of your initial “points” have been debunked. It’s highly likely that John simply forgot (or didn’t know about even) the affiliate ID when creating the Play link. I was following bit.ly stats throughout the week in an attempt to track click-throughs vs sales. The Play.com downloads will be nowhere near 100,000, I’d be surprised if it’s even a quarter of that. At a rate of 10% it amounts to a couple of grand maybe in absolute best case scenario. It’s probably a fair bit less.

    Maybe it will actually just be a nice little bonus Jon can add on to the Justgiving campaign.That’ll be the one that isn’t far off 90k and pushing for 100k before Christmas Eve and that’s not counting the contribution from the band themselves.

    I say we cut the bloke a little slack don’t you?

  25. Honestly there is nothing affiliate about the links! In fact we had many messages from people telling us to do that but we felt it wasn’t the right thing to do. Not to mention the fact people would be suspicious! Many websites by others were set up with affiliate links but we had nothing to do with them.
    We had to post links to tracks because people asked where to buy them, we used bit.ly to shorten them. That’s all.
    Simon has contacted us though. He rang Saturday to congratulate us, texted on Sunday when results came out.

  26. After further investigation, I have found that the 6771851 Play.com affiliate code was only EVER used for this campaign. It was purposely set up for cahing in on the RATM campaign on Jon Morters facebook group.

    There are no other instances of that affiliate code indexed in google other than for the RATM campaign. Go check for yourself: http://www.google.co.uk/#hl=en&source=hp&q=play.com+6771851&btnG=Google+Search&meta=&aq=f&oq=play.com+6771851&fp=1

  27. UPDATE: Someone at Play has confirmed to me that the affiliate code 6771851 was used by Play internally for tracking reasons. They used the affiliate aid number as a work around to make the updating of the Top Selling Tracks page quicker over Christmas.

    Jon and Tracy, please accept my apologies. I’m happy to have debunked my own investigation.

    Thanks to TJ at Play for the confirmation and explanation.

  28. Wow. This post was exceptionally detailed and informative. I had no idea pepole paid this much attention to stuff like this. I’m sort of stunned and fascinated at the same time.

  29. Hello all — My name is John Baker and I am an MD at iris Digital.

    We do work for Sony and Sony Ericsson, but haven’t created the Rage Against The Machine Campaign and Sony hasn’t been in touch with us to make this a commercial social media event.

    If we had we would have been transparent and open about it.

    That said, we love it! We — like everyone else — have had the emails going around and been buying the album because we love digital campaigns and seeing how social media works.

    Digital technology as a force for commercial democracy. Fantastic.


  30. Jeepers, what a lot of to-do about nothing! Even if they did set up an affiliate account linking to those downloads, why does that have to be a bad thing? It’s all in the envy isn’t it? The British love to slag off anyone who succeeds, especially when they are working class.

    I wish I could come up with a viral campaign as successful as that. I’d be very proud of myself, whether it made money or not.

    And it’s the end of a decade, so we’re looking at everyone and his idiot dog compiling “top ten” of the decade lists, most of which are utter sh*** and desperately trying to get them to the top of Digg, or wherever….

    Tracy and Jon I don’t give a rat’s chuff whether you did or you didn’t make money from this (or whether Sony did, either, come to that)…you achieved something huge at the end of a decade at the peak of interest in a certain game (viral marketing/content) and for that you should be congratulated.

  31. Good evening Mr Lyle,

    I am Sadie-Michaela Harris of Concierge Services and Lifestyle Management, France.

    I wrote just one PRLog press release in respect of Jon Morter’s RATM campaign. I have no connection to Jon Morter, or Sony. I wrote the article as an interesting news item.

    http://www.prlog.org/10439977-xfactor-in-rage-121539-people-have-now-signed-up-to-jon-morters-online-call-to-action.html ,

    I would be grateful if you would explain your public comments, pasted below for you ease, pertaining to my writing this press release, particularly in respect of your mentioning links to the music industry and the coincidence to which you refer –

    4). There are press releases that have been placed on PR Log that have been written by an unnamed third party, but link back to a French Concierge Service that has in itself got links through to the UK music industry. I’m not sure this is a coincidence.

    Sadie-michaela Harris

    1. Sadie

      Sorry again if I got the wrong end of the stick, but you do have two partners listed in your site as gigsandtours and MCD, both of whom are music businesses.

      You also used every linking system to build links back to their site, which is not normally the work of interested amateurs. PR Log is used by PR professionals and the four fully validated links you included

      DIGG – http://digg.com/d31BqlJ
      TWITTER short URL – http://bit.ly/inthename
      YOUTUBE – http://bit.ly/rageforno1
      WEB – http://www.ragefactor.co.uk

      All looked a bit professional to me.

      I accept what you say and wholeheartedly apologise for any offence I may have caused.

      1. Mr Lyle,

        I am rather concerned I have to say. Is PR not part of your business too? I hope this has been a wake up call for you, in this business unfounded allegations generally lead to lawsuits.

        In response:-
        GigsandTours is a website which sells for concert tickets for two UK promoters. MCD are Irish concert promoters. Where do you feel they fit into this?

        I simply inserted 4 hyperlinks into my press release this is common practice not the same as building back links though.

        Concierge Services & Lifestyle Management write press releases which are accurate and correct as is fitting of a professional company. PR Log as you note it a popular site, used by PR professionals for this purpose. I am a professional.

        For your ease, a list of services my company can help with can be found here:-
        You will note concert tickets are included.

        Sadie-Michaela Harris

  32. Hi, I found your blog on google. I’m pretty happy to have found your website because I think it is interesting! I will definitely come back! Great resource for my students. Youproblog

  33. Hey check out jedward.net there is some awesome forums and articles or just type jedward into google its on the first page. Pretty cool website.

  34. John, that is awesome that you have got Jedward all fired up. I actually love them too and voted for them on every episode of X Factor. Guess this is since you joined their fan club? Hey, it’s ok to do this – your credibility is so great, it simply can’t be dented by this tiniest of indiscretions. Jedward for PM and Chancellor respectively – Milliband-of-brothers – eat your heart out….

    1. I was just going to write a piece about really unsubtle manipulation of social media and using PR agencies to place comments in blogs all over the place, but as you clearly follow all of Jedward’s work, you must have got the link from their site first! Teat.

      1. My next blog is about the editing of peoples comments before they are ‘approved’. What is this X-Factor you talk of Jedward-lover?

  35. i’m sorry I guessed it was something you ‘yoofs’ know all about. I’ve never seen the programme myself, i’m obviously not as close to (un)popular culture as you are. The Archers is exciting at present though, don’t you feel?

  36. Dear Jedward Lover from Nottingham – no I have never heard of it. Glad you follow the Archers too. I am a bit worried that David is not entering the single wicket competition – what’s your view?

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