3 thoughts on “Branding definition – define: Branding

  1. Hey John– I’ve been reading your stuff here. Did you ever actually get a chance to read our book, Why Johnny Can’t Brand? If you did– I think you might like the new one– takes it to the holy grail in this day of social media– it’s called The Micro-Script Rules. Love you to check out the eBook summary at billschley.com. Here’s the whole book:
    It’s not important anymore what people hear, it’s what they repeat.
    The right 5 words is more important than 5000. And it’s more important than ever to tell your story–you just have to do it in a sentence or less.
    Branding must be from the ground up in our hyper-connected world. You’ll get that. Best, Bill Schley

    1. Bill

      There is a review of your book on my site and it is listed as number one in my branding books. You can see the review here.

      1. Why Johnny Can’t Brand – Rediscovering the lost art of the big idea. Bill Schley & Carl Nichols Jr. This is one of the most exceptional books I have ever read. I have been working in brands for 20+ years and it made me think about things totally differently. For everyone else, if you haven’t already, buy it here.

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