The coolest brand in britain?

I was at Bicester outlet village yesterday for a bit of pre-Christmas shopping.We actually let the kids have a budget and choose what they wanted. This seemed to work.

With a Jack Wills store there, offering much of their clothing for over 40% off list price, we knew we were onto a winner.

It was quite busy, which you’d expect, but there was only one store that had resorted to getting people to queue up to even get into it, and this was Superdry. It only opened on Wednesday last week and it has been rammed solid ever since. By making people queue they give the people inside a better shopping experience and create a scarcity marketing rumour that what is inside is soooo cool that you have to queue to even get to see it.

Finally getting to the front of the queue at the Bicester Outlet Village Superdry shop

Again it was 40% off list price throughout the store but starting from a lower price than the likes of Jack Wills, they started to look like immense value.

It seems that everything in Japan is cool for kids these days and Superdry is one of those brands that seems to inherently understand both scarcity marketing and offering great design with great value. It’s not surprising they are so popular.

So what did the kids buy?

It was no shock to me that the perception of Superdry being cooler than Jack Wills hit home (as it had a queue), so they spent all of their budget in there and are now giving us a hard time over not having the chosen presents until Christmas.

So does this mean that Superdry is the coolest brand in Britain?

It does for me, sitting here writing this in my new Superdry shirt! (yours for a bargain £20.99)

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