Two minutes to change your brand behaviour

The old ways of working are changing forever. I’m reading Seth Godin’s Purple Cow at the moment, which I know I should have read already, but I never quite got around to it before now. Sorry.

The long and short of the book seems to be that ‘if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll no longer get what you always got’.

We don’t respond to print advertising anymore. We interact with each other online and we often come into contact with brands online. We don’t just want products that work, we want brands that make us feel good about ourselves, help us bed into our particular tribe we have identified we want to be part of and speak to us in a relevant voice.

All this, and at the same time, listening to what we have to say, because we the customer owns a brand these days, not the company who may own the production.

This short video sums it up beautifully. You have two minutes to change the way your brand behaves. Use them wisely.

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