What were the 17 learnings from the USA Trip?

Tim Garratt, of Innes England and one of the team from the USA trip has written up the initial findings, using the learnings from architect Daniel Liebskind as the model on which to present.

How do we summarise the whole trip, what we learned and how we can transfer it to Nottingham?

This short presentation that was delivered to the full Sheriff’s Commission on Friday is the start point.

Comments to enlarge the discussion are very welcome.

3 thoughts on “What were the 17 learnings from the USA Trip?

  1. I was interested to read of your visit last year and wondered how things were progressing.
    I am Nottingham resident and even after living in the area for 4o years find it astonishing that noone from either the public or private sector has come up with a serious proposal here.
    If you get chance I would be interested to know



    1. John, You may like this I have just received from the City Council, which does show some of the work that came out of the trip. Please also be aware that i did pay my own way as part of the work I do for Go Ape and BeWILDerwood.

      Dear Nottingham Business

      Nottingham is gearing up to give Robin Hood the welcome home he deserves when he returns to the silver screen this May. To offer a fitting tribute to our very own legend in green, Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire County Council have declared May Robin Hood Month.

      To coincide with the release of Ridley Scott’s eagerly awaited movie Robin Hood, Experience Nottinghamshire, the City and County Councils will present an exciting programme of major events that will turn back the clock in Nottingham and the wider county.

      These events include a major jousting show at Nottingham Castle, mediaeval family fun days, children’s interactive theatre, a mediaeval re-enactment weekend as well as walks through Sherwood Forest, have-a-go archery and a May Day parade to the Major Oak.

      The official movie exhibition, opening next month, will run throughout Robin Hood Month at Nottingham Castle and Sherwood Forest. Staged in partnership with Universal Studios, this will provide an amazing chance to see the set, props, weaponry and costumes from the film up close.

      Tourism experts believe an extra five million people could visit the county when the new film hits the screens worldwide in May. This, combined with Robin Hood month, provides an excellent opportunity for local businesses to get involved and help raise the profile of our city’s other great assets.

      If you and your business want to get involved in Robin Hood Month, we’d like to hear from you. We will publish your activities on our website and will work with our media partners to ensure your activity is publicised in the City and across the county.

      To find out more please contact Cheryl Connolly on 0115 915 4603

      Many Thanks

      1. I think this is quite an important article too as what we have succeeded in doing is get Robin Hood back into the business consciousness. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Robin Hood is essential to the City and County, but no-one has yet created a credible destination with the character.

        The new exhibition and the work of the Sheriff’s Commission – Particularly Leon Unzcur, The Sheriff himself, and even Experience Notts is going an awful long way to improve this. Unfortunately for many of us, it’s still too slow a process, but it’s all good positive stuff and we are in a much better place than when we started a few months ago.

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