How to undermine your brand in one easy lesson

Branding is about trust isn’t it?

The constant reassurance that for the cusomer, their choice of brand makes them feel good all about their purchase decision all the time. It’s a partnership that each party benefits from. Out of this, trust grows and a for the brand owner, a long term relationship hopefully ensues.

If you lose your customers trust, then you lose them. Maybe not immediately, but you certainly undermine their love for you. Big style.

So that’s why T-Mobile losing ALL of the data for their Sidekick customers is such a disaster for their brand.

The Sidekick phone, great for the youth market, but perhaps a total disaster for T-Mobile
The Sidekick phone, great for the youth market, but perhaps a total disaster for T-Mobile

Sidekicks are a much sought after range of phones, that are more akin to mini computers with their keyboard and high end functionality. They are available in the UK, but only hacked ones that have been bought in on the grey market. To me, they are a strong a compeitior for the youth market than the iPhone as they deliver what youth want, ot what fat business people like myself want. In effect, if I like it, they’ve failed.

In this article by Endgadget, they go into more detail, but its no surprise to a committed Mac user like myself, to discover that the issue is a back end server problem supplied by Microsoft.

At the same time, this article by PC World also shows that us Mac geeks are becoming a bit rarer (and a bit richer)

It seems that 36% of Mac owning families earn over $100k but that figure is only 21% for PC only families. So apple have bagged the top end of the market, which is a good place to be for any brand. They must not take too many risks in a chase for growing market share by stripping the great things out to deliver a cheaper product to the wider mass market – or they really will do damage.

Mind you, if the next upgrade they supply is as disastrous for my own mac as the move to OS10.6 Snow Donkey (or whatever its called), which I have now had to downgrade again – because it wouldn’t run so many programmes and I had the small problem of not being able to print – then I may even think about a switch to PC’s.

Actually I won’t, that was a lie. I’m allowing them a few mistakes because I love them. Will T Mobiles Sidekicks customers be quite so generous?

3 thoughts on “How to undermine your brand in one easy lesson

  1. I just can’t bring myself to slip back into that beige box mentality – brushed aluminium does it for me… We love Apple because it works. Period. And when we get a Tablet – whoa – that will be nirvana? Hurry up Jobbsy – Xmas is looming….

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