The Sheriff of Nottingham in USA – Part seven

So lets see whether we can get anywhere near a schedule today shall we?

It’s an early start as we have lots to try and fit in, so we’re heading off at 8am, so this has to be brief.

First off is a trip over to meet the team at the Golden Gate. A world class attraction will hopefully have a world class team behind the management of it, so there should be much to learn from them.

This area of San Francisco is so amazingly touristy, it’s a bit like an American Blackpool, with Fishermans Wharf beings its rather nicer Golden Mile (or two).

We’re going over to Alcatraz after that, but it is dependent on being able to get onto a boat, which seem oversubscribed. This may have to wait until Midday.

At 4.30 I WILL do the Segway tour, complete with fetching Gilet and helmet.

And I’ve heard a rumour that there is a baseball game at the At&T stadium up the road, which starts at 10.15 tonight. If its on ad I’m still awake, I’m going!

I’ll report in later

One thought on “The Sheriff of Nottingham in USA – Part seven

  1. John,

    Just wanted to say I’m reading your missives on the USA trip and they are thoroughly engaging and you are quite clearly picking up tonnes of insights, learnings and tips. I only hope that Oonagh Robinson who wrote a misguided, misinformed and totally negative article in Thursday’s evening post is also reading your blog,

    She has questioned, with a total lack of understanding, and facts on the cost, that there is any basis of the Sheriffs trip, other than an jolly at the Nottingham tax payers expense.

    Hopefully you will get the opportunity to put the real facts, costs (or not in your own case) and benefits to the future development of Nottingham as a far better tourist city, when you get back. If they let you out of Alcatraz! Just remember that trick with the bedsheet and metal weight that Sean Connery did in The Rock to get out!!

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