The Sheriff of Nottingham in the USA Part five

Today is our last morning in Los Angeles and we’ve still got plenty to see before we head off to San Francisco, but as I found yesterday, the planned programme is very much subject to change.

Our first visit today is to the Museum of Tolerance.

This is described as ‘remarkable’ by the LA Times and a ‘must see’ by the people at the Getty Center. It certainly looks like one we can learn from as it’s not only a stunning building, but its also aimed at people of all ages.

Then its back to the most hectic airport in the world LAX and an Alaska Air flight to San Francisco. We arrive there early afternoon and assuming that getting through the airport is not too tricky, we’re going to go on an Urban Safari.

This is an off the wall city tour and claims to be a real one of a kind. Whether this will be true is one of the reasons we have to see it. I can see a tour of Nottingham that takes in caves, waterways and some of our hidden gems, which are far from the beaten track. They’ve offered us a 50% off deal but we have to se whether their timings work as on the website, they say they only run them from 11am.

The alternative is a City Segway tour, which starts around where we’re staying in Fishermans Wharf and the last one goes off at 6pm. This could be our best option.

I’ll update again later and let you know how we got on.

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