Speaking on Radio Nottingham about the rise of Twitter

My Twitter page
My Twitter page

I did an interview with Tarah Welsh of radio Nottingham yesterday that went out this morning at about 07.45 to all the lovely people of Nottingham waking up to me talking at them about Twitter.

You can hear the interview here My bit starts at 1.44.40 into the programme so you don’t have to listen to the whole thing. Its only live on BBC iPlayer for seven days though.

I am already have the mickey taken out of me for mentioning Philip Schofield, so  i’d like to go on the record and say once and for all that I do not follow him, stalk him or know him!

The interesting thing for me is how I came to hear of the programme doing a feature on the subject. I actually picked it up on Tweetdeck where I have an open search on the word Nottingham to see if anyone is saying anything about our fair city and someone else was saying they had just been interviewed by Tarah. So I rang her up and pretty much talked her into interviewing me.

Twitter has the potential to be an amazing resource for business and I did a talk last week to a firm of licensing solicitors all about the subject called ‘Welcome to online Hell’ which was very well received.

To quote Jeremy Allen of Poppleston Allen who I did the talk for “Your seminar on “Welcome to On-line Hell” was absolutely riveting as well as being very informative. We thought we were actually quite good at utilising the internet but after hearing your talk we realised that we are a long way from where we ought to be. I was particularly interested in the reaction of some of the younger members who always thought themselves more up to date than others. They were riveted during your talk and still discussing it now.”

If you’d like me to bring that talk to your own business or conference, give me a call.

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