‘Who moved my cheese’ by Dr Spencer Johnson book review

You need to be a fast mouse to catch the moving cheese
You need to be a fast mouse to catch the moving cheese

What an amazingly simple little book this is. I was expecting to hate it and having read the first few pages, I knew I was going to hate it, but the beauty of this book is its sheer simplicity.

It’s a tale of two mice and two little people who discover a huge supply of cheese and proceed to stuff their faces with it until it runs out.

Obviously there’s a moral to the story that relates to a more general business context.

The two wise ones, realised the cheese was running out and working together, moved on before the supply had completely run dry. The slightly less dim one realised that perhaps the cheese supply had been running a bit light, and was not as fresh as before and he had perhaps been taking it easy for a while. Luckily he moved on before he lost everything and after lots of hard work, found a new supply that was even better than before.

Only the really dim one lost everything. He refused to believe the cheese had gone (ie the market had moved on) blamed everyone else for it moving and essentially sat in place sulking about how unfair it all was. He insisted that someone had moved his cheese.

The parallels with industry are obvious and strikingly simple. For a 30 minute read, it has to be worth a go.

There are so many markets been lost and found these days in such an incredibly short time, its getting harder and harder to spot who moved the cheese and where its gone.

But after 18 years of running a design business, we’ve chased a lot of new cheese and thankfully caught it so far. When it moves again, after reading this, I’ll be quicker still to react.

You can buy your very own copy of the book Who Moved my Cheese by Dr Spencer Johnson from Amazon here

Thanks to MVA for the lovely mouse pic. You can see his work here.

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