The Brand that is Alcatraz

If you have any doubt that brands can be in any shape or form, then think of Alcatraz.

What do you see in your mind?

A chunk of rock that is nigh on impossible to escape from.

I see the word Alcatraz and I see the film from 1979 “Escape from Alcatraz” with Clint Eastwood and imagine the ‘Birdman of Alcatraz’ from 1962 – even though this is (a long way) before I was born.

So Alcatraz stands for security and impenetrability and maybe a touch of glamour – because of the film associations.

Branding puts markers in our heads about what we can expect, so as soon as we hear their name, we don’t need to process our thoughts, we just skip straight to our embedded thought.

A good mate of mine is doing the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon this weekend and I can only imagine how hard it can be.

We know its impossible to swim away from because of the currents and it doesn’t look that nice to cycle around, so if you can do these first and then go out for a run, you’re a better man than me!

Good luck Julian, you’ve got us behind you and a huge powerful brand against you. You can read Julian’s thoughts on his adventure here.

Alcatraz - A brand in its own right that just screams impenetrability
Alcatraz - A brand in its own right that just screams impenetrability

Thanks for the picture, which is by Matthias Orgler, whose work can be seen here.

As an update, if you have any doubt at all that the Alcatraz Triathlon is very tough, Julian has updated his diary and you can read the ‘after race’ story here.

Alcatraz may be tough, but for Julian at least, it didn’t break him, just dent him rather heavily.

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