My New T Shirt from Threadless

I have to say, I love Twitter, I may even be a Twitterholic.

Okay, my name is John and i’m a Twitterholic.

I also love Threadless. The community based T shirt company that is run as a profitable democracy where the best designs rise to the top and almost anyone can contribute their work if they fancy themselves as a bit of a design guru in the making. Teepay is also making a play for the democratic design space and our good friend Will from Nzime was the second one to get his shirt produced. Its reached the end of its life cycle so is now officially a limited edition item. You can see it here though.

I am also a rather big fan of graphic design, but have run into many of them over the years who, to coin a phrase, are full of shit.

So, imagine my absolute delight when I saw a link from Twitter, to Threadless with a ‘branded’ range of Twitter based T Shirts. There’s a few that play to your ego, but this on eis my absolute favourite and I just have to have it. When it arrives, i’ll model it (in a chubby bald model sort of way) for you all to see.

A lovely new shirt from Threadless
A lovely new shirt from Threadless

If you like it too, you can buy it here, just let me know when you are going to wear it so we don’t have some embarrassing ‘wearing the same T Shirt’ moment.

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