Another Award

I was up at the Midland Hotel in Manchester last night for the Drum marketing Awards, which had a brilliant judging panel headed by Keith Vernege, Creative Director of the COI, Simon Pestridge – Marketing Director, Nike Uk Ltd, Mark Hardy – Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (PlayStation) and Martine Ainsworth-Wells – Marketing Director for Visit London.

Our shortlist was for BeWILDerwood – Marketing a swamp – in the New product/service strategy. As we’ve never entered a marketing award before (we normally do the design ones) it was a bit of a surprise to actually win the section. Its a nice trophy too.

But then to top it all, we went on to win the overall Grand Prix.

Have a look at the work and the other winners here

But here are the trophies with a poor pic taken on my phone.

I’m sure there’ll be some pictures to follow of the Kate Winslet Moments, which I’ll post when I get them.

But it was great to meet some friendly folks from other agencies. All the nice people from Hemisphere, True North, MCMNet, Laura at Aura, Rosie from Oxford Marketing College and Richard and Victoria from the Drum.

Thanks for a great evening and a fuzzy head today.

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