How to get Organic Stars in natural search results

Organic Stars in search results were outlawed for many years by Google as there were too many people ‘gaming’ the system and using results from all of their products and pushing them against every product they own individually.  This is still obviously outlawed and if you do it, you will get a Google penalty.

But the good news is that there is now a super simple way to get Organic stars in your SERPS, just by adding your aggregate rating wrapped up in a simple Organization schema. They can improve CTR by a huge percentage, so for so little effort, there’s very little else that delivers more for your buck. This is what they look like when they are delivering.


How to get organic stars in SERPS
This is what organic stars look like in SERPS

The Schema is simple and as follows:

Blank Home page schema for Organic stars
Blank Home page schema for Organic stars – Just click the image to get the code in a word.docx

At present, you do need a reviews provider to give you these scores, but it may be possible to gain them from Google’s own rating if you can deliver a dynamic link into the Google page with your aggregate rating.

It is important to note that when you add it to your page, it’s worth testing it through Google’s own Structured data tester  to ensure you have the code exactly right. It’s also CRITICAL to note that if you miss any of the elements off above, it may well pass, but you do need ALL of these elements to gain stars.

So it’s that simple. Add it to your home page, wait a week or so and you should get stars. I have used this many hundreds of times and it works every time!

Good luck, and please feel free to post examples of stars in the comments when they arrive on your site.

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