Boots Opticians – The value of an app

I was playing around with this rather clever app today as it was developed  by a a team that had a very talented, good friend of mine involved. You can see it here:

Boots Opticians - Simple eye test app
Boots Opticians - Simple eye test app

My eyesight isn’t bad, but it certainly isn’t perfect and it was a Boots Optician that told me that quite recently.

But he also told me something else that was rather important.

He told me that I had critically high blood pressure and referred me to the doctor immediately. Six months later, it’s now back under control and it looks like i’ll be on meds for the rest of my days. Probably a pretty good job they found it then.

But would this app have been able to do the same?

No, but it is set to be on the safe side and does advise you that you need to get their advice if in any doubt at all.

It’s beautifully easy to use and probably one of the most intuitive apps i’ve seen yet (apart from our own obviously – which you can see here)

Does it undermine the expertise of an optician? Probably not.

Does it do the job of an optician? Definitely not.

Is it a fun game to test the oldies amongst you?

Well yes and it does it really rather well.

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