Captain Morgan Workout Video – When brands get it wrong

I’m very happy to champion a brand when they use video in a clever and funny way to enhance their brand, but this attempt by Captain Morgan to reposition as relevant today is utter tripe.

I have tried and tried to find some brand rationale as to why they would think this is a good idea. Is it appealing to a new younger more sassy audience? Err No. It’s just silly and poorly produced and so cliched, the director should hang his head in shame. As for the brand manager. Taxi……


I was very sniffy about the branding for Captain Morgan and their workout video spoof. And then I was in the pub last week and asked the bar lady to pass me the bottle over. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the design and the characterisation they had carried over onto the label. It’s full of charm and a lovely piece of design that is clear in what it stands for. So why is the workout video missing the point by so much?

Captain Morgan - The Original Rum
Captain Morgan - The Original Rum

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