Giving blood the easy way

give blood the easy way by taking the collection points where they're needed
give blood the easy way by taking the collection points where they're needed

I was in Peterborough yesterday waiting the four hours for my passport to be renewed as I’m off to the US next week and only had a few months left to run on my existing one.

Peterborough is not an easy place to spend four hours without an agenda, so I thought I would have a wander around the town.

There in the middle of a busy shopping arcade was a blood van. Not a van covered in blood, but one where you can roll up and hand over a pint or two.

I would class myself as a lapsed blood donor. I’ve given a lot over the years but because the donation centres never seem to be where I am and they seem to insist on giving you appointments at times that suit them rather than those that suit you I just got out of the habit of giving.

We all know that the opposite of love isn’t hate, its apathy, so my apathy towards giving blood must be very typical of many, many people like me. The same principles apply to any brand in any industry.

So anyway, whilst I was giving my armful of the red stuff, 25 or so people arrived at the door asking if they could give blood, only to be told that it was an appointment only session and that it was fully booked for the day. I asked what the capacity for the van was and on a good day they can collect 30-35 packs.

For there to be quite that much latent demand, to me, proves that giving blood has become a ‘spur of the moment’ decision rather than a ‘planned’ decision and as such, the business of blood collection, like any brand or organisation needs to evolve to survive and thrive.

Rather than spending fortunes on TV advertising creating a demand they can’t easily fulfil, why not mobilise a much greater proportion of their collection capacity and take their brand to the people rather than asking the people to come to them.

And, in the meantime, do something amazing – Give Blood

Thanks to UK Emergency Website for the image which is a slightly geeky collection of all of the know emergency service vehicles in the UK

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