Back to the future

Back in 1995, we wrote a proposal for Machine Mart, who we then went on to work with successfully for many years, helping them almost double the size of their business.

A few things remain unchanged in this document from all those years ago.

1. Machine Mart’s logo – Which shows that changing a logo is not always the answer to running a business or even making a mark when you take over one.

2. Purple Circle’s business values. Even in 1995, they read as follows:

Firstly we only take on projects that play to our strengths – namely those that involve creative thought and project management;

Secondly when we submit a quotation we will stick to it. We will not keep adding extras for ‘author’s alterations’ at the design stage, unless you completely change the brief;

And finally, design comes last. When we are given a brief we stop and think. We don’t rush headlong into trying to sell a visual we think you want to buy. We only supply relevant creativity – relevant to your brief. We are not in the business of designing for aesthetic criteria alone and good design is drawn from clarity of thought.

The amazing thing for me is that even after all this time, those are still three of our core values in trading with any client – old or new.

Getting your organisational values right can be brilliant for any business. They give you a clear direction to influence any business decision.

It also said rather proudly that Purple Circle had been established for over four years. That seems like absolutely ages ago now as its just about to be 18 years.

Getting your business values right and then sticking to them for year after year after year ensures that any customer, old or new also knows what they can expect from you or your brand and ensures you know how to recruit potential staff who understand what your business is really all about.

And for your amusement, this is what the three of us looked like back then!

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